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Scottish Ruby User Group


The Scottish Ruby User Group is a collection of people who are linked with Scotland and have an interest in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We meet every month in Edinburgh for presentations from members and guests, and a chat about Ruby and related subjects. All are welcome, and there are no subscriptions or costs involved.

Meetings are announced in advance on the mailing list, Meetup, and Open Tech Calendar, and follow our code of conduct.

Meeting up

We currently meet online on the second Thursday of the month at 18:00. Currently we’re experimenting with the most appropriate video conferencing solution. Links will be posted the day before if you’re signed up on Meetup.

Mailing List

You can browse and subscribe to the list using the ScotRUG Google Group information page. The list is for announcements of activities and general Ruby support and discussion; feel free to post any questions you may have.


We have a Freenode channel #scotrug, though it’s quite quiet. There’s also the Gitter channel around the ScotRUG github repository. It is also quiet.

Code of Conduct

To ensure we provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all, attendees, speakers, organisers, and volunteers at any ScotRUG meetup are required to conform to our code of conduct.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout the meetup and meetup-related social events.


Videos of previous presentations have been provided courtesy of Cultivate.

Edinburgh, 9th February 2017 - Test Doubles Are Not To Be Mocked (A Video)

posted 06 Feb 2017

Where and When?

Our Edinburgh meeting in January will be in CodeBase on Thursday the 9th, at 18:00. That’s in their shiny building on Castle Terrace.

You’ll know you’re in the right place as “CodeBase” is written across the glass doors outside reception.

When you arrive there will be someone in reception to meet you and guide you to the right place. If you arrive late and no one is around contact us on Twitter: @scotrug, or send an email to the list. We’ll come and get you!


February is an odd month. Spiced breads and weirdly hollow chocolate can be sensed at the end of the month, but the uncertain transition towards spring is at its messiest early on. The ghost of January is passed, when we met and talked about all manner of things. Paul put together a summary if you’d like a flavour.

Something that had come up at a previous meeting but wasn’t discussed in January is the subject of test doubles. What are they? What different flavours are there? When should you use them? Does it even matter?

At RubyConf in November, Noel Rappin gave a talk on this subject. So we’re going to show the talk, and then discuss it afterwards. Of course, this will also be a time to talk about anything else you’d like.

In a change to the regular occurrence, there will be some snacks. I think CodeBase also has water available, but feel free to bring along your own juice or water. As always, we’re a friendly bunch and newcomers as well as folk who have been before would be most welcome. See you on Thursday!

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