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Scottish Ruby User Group


The Scottish Ruby User Group is a collection of people who are linked with Scotland and have an interest in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

We meet every month online and in person in Edinburgh for presentations from members and guests, and a chat about Ruby and related subjects.

All are welcome, and there are no subscriptions or costs involved.

Meetings are announced in advance on the mailing list, Meetup, and Google Group and follow our code of conduct.

You can also find us on:

Meeting up

We currently meet online on the second Thursday of the month at 18:00. Currently we’re experimenting with the most appropriate video conferencing solution. Links will be posted the day before if you’re signed up on Meetup.

Mailing List

You can browse and subscribe to the list using the ScotRUG Google Group information page. The list is for announcements of activities and general Ruby support and discussion; feel free to post any questions you may have.


We have a Freenode channel #scotrug, though it’s quite quiet. There’s also the Gitter channel around the ScotRUG github repository. It is also quiet.

Code of Conduct

To ensure we provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all, attendees, speakers, organisers, and volunteers at any ScotRUG meetup are required to conform to our code of conduct.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout the meetup and meetup-related social events.


Videos of previous presentations have been provided courtesy of Cultivate.

16th October Edinburgh Meetup

posted 07 Oct 2014

It’s going to be an interesting meetup with two speakers so far.

Pets, Cattle and Cloned Sheep

John Daniels will be giving a lightning talk version of “Pets, Cattle and Cloned Sheep” about Docker.

There was alot of discussion about virtualisation at the last meetup, which trickled onto the mailing list, so it’ll be great to hear more about Docker.

At this point you’re probably thinking “Docker sounds really useful, but who in their right mind would trust me to use it?”. Well…

“WHAT’S THE WORST THAT CAN HAPPEN?” - Enabling authentic trust at work

Marc Burgauer will be talking about trust:


Trust is the metric that best reflects the quality of our relationships and of our social connections. Without trust, organisational improvements efforts cannot flourish. We reliably find the absence of trust is the cause for teams failing to adopt agile or lean practices successfully. How can trust be developed to support successful adoption?

We’re physically hardwired for connection. Rejection hurts. We get meaning and validation where connection allows us to be authentic. Yet we exist in environments that routinely inform us, that what we do and who we are, is not “Good Enough”. We are shamed into conformity (often masqueraded as improvement) and blamed for failures.

“Management, in most of its incarnations, is an institutionalized form of distrust” say Robert Solomon and Fernando Flores.

This talk explores how we can remain authentic in a blame culture; how we can build authentic trust and enable safe-to-fail environments to strengthen our connections, as well as my own experience applying these practices.


It’s Marc’s first time at ScotRUG Edinburgh, so here’s an ice-breaker:

Marc Burgauer has experienced professional life as a biologist, an award-winning performance artist and musician, enterprise database architect and early web applications programmer, founder, board member and manager in multiple startups, project manager and coach in multinationals and public services.

Complexity theory defined Marc’s worldview early in life. He quotes Erich Jantsch’s “The Self-organizing Universe” as the pivotal book that he read as a teenager. Marc’s interest in theories about work, including his acclaim of Peter Drucker, was re-ignited when he first adopted XP in 1999.

For the last 15 years, Marc has been keen to test ideas and, as a practitioner, enjoys the application of theories in day-to-day work.

Marc currently focuses his studies on innovation and cultural change while, as a consultant, he encourages organizations to adopt lean and agile practices.


FreeAgent kindly provide us with a warm venue and a variety of drinks. See you at 7.30pm at FreeAgent, 40 Torphichen Street, EH3 8JB.

You can sign up on Lanyrd so that we can have an idea of numbers.

New to ScotRUG?

ScotRUG is an informal meetup. Different people tend to turn up each month, both regular attendees and new people.

Some people have done alot of Ruby and some people are just curious. If you fall into any of these groups, just come along!

The meeting usually wraps up about 9pm, although sometimes some people head to a nearby tavern afterwards to continue the discussion.

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