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The Scottish Ruby User Group is a collection of people who are linked with Scotland and have an interest in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We meet every month in Edinburgh for presentations from members and guests, and a chat about Ruby and related subjects. All are welcome, and there are no subscriptions or costs involved.

Meetings are announced in advance on the mailing list and Open Tech Calendar, and follow our code of conduct.


We meet in Edinburgh on the second Thursday of the month at 18:00 onwards. Meetings are held at CodeBase, in Argyle House on Castle Terrace. Head to into the reception, and you’ll be directed to the meeting.

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You can browse and subscribe to the list using the ScotRUG Google Group information page. The list is for announcements of activities and general Ruby support and discussion; feel free to post any questions you may have.


We use the Freenode channel #scotrug. There’s also the Gitter channel around the ScotRUG github repository.

Code of Conduct

To ensure we provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all, attendees, speakers, organisers, and volunteers at any ScotRUG meetup are required to conform to our code of conduct.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout the meetup and meetup-related social events.


Videos of previous presentations have been provided courtesy of Cultivate.

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20th March Edinburgh Meetup

posted 13 Mar 2014

This month, we’ll take a look at some solutions people have come up with for the use case below. Those who wish to can implement all or some of this use case and we’ll discuss the approaches, styles and share suggestions.

The use case is from the paper Avatars of TDD.

Use Case

Design a Veterinary Information System for a Clinic. Veterinary medical system is very similar to human medical system with one exception, all the patients are animals. Each patient is owned by a person, who brings the patient to the clinic and pays the bills.

The person in charge for IT department of the clinic gave us the following Use Cases to start development. Dave Atkins brings his pet named Fluffy into the clinic for a routine check up and shots. The veterinarian charges him for the routine office visit and the Rabies vaccination. Dave pays cash before he leaves and is provided with a receipt for the services.


Usual time (19:30), usual venue (FreeAgent).

Sign up on Lanyrd here.

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