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The Scottish Ruby User Group is a collection of people who are linked with Scotland and have an interest in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

We meet every month online and in person in Edinburgh for presentations from members and guests, and a chat about Ruby and related subjects.

All are welcome, and there are no subscriptions or costs involved.

Meetings are announced in advance on the mailing list, Meetup, and Google Group and follow our code of conduct.

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Meeting up

We currently meet online on the second Thursday of the month at 18:00. Currently we’re experimenting with the most appropriate video conferencing solution. Links will be posted the day before if you’re signed up on Meetup.

Mailing List

You can browse and subscribe to the list using the ScotRUG Google Group information page. The list is for announcements of activities and general Ruby support and discussion; feel free to post any questions you may have.


We have a Freenode channel #scotrug, though it’s quite quiet. There’s also the Gitter channel around the ScotRUG github repository. It is also quiet.

Code of Conduct

To ensure we provide a welcoming and friendly environment for all, attendees, speakers, organisers, and volunteers at any ScotRUG meetup are required to conform to our code of conduct.

Organizers will enforce this code throughout the meetup and meetup-related social events.


Videos of previous presentations have been provided courtesy of Cultivate.

August 18 2011, Edinburgh Meeting - Extreme Startup

posted 04 Aug 2011

UPDATE: Sam Elliot won the contest by a long nose with the code here.

Another month, another exciting meeting. This month Robert Chatley and Matt Wynne will be running their Extreme Startup session, first shown at XP2011. Here’s the gen from Robert:

Extreme Startup

In this hands-on workshop we aim to simulate product teams building software and delivering it into a market. Attendees form teams and compete to build the best product. Through the session you can continue to refine and upgrade your software, releasing new versions and testing their performance in the market. Once your software is live it will begin to accrue points, as simulated users use the software and score it against how well it fits their needs. The earlier you release your software, the sooner you will start accruing points, and the earlier you can learn something about the market, which should inform your next iteration. In the lean startup movement, this is know as the Build-Measure-Learn cycle.

Attendees of this session will need to build a very simple webapp, probably as part of a pair or a small team, so you will need at least one laptop per team.

So that we can get started quickly, it would be helpful if participants could do a little bit of preparatory work. Set up a minimal webapp running locally on your machine that handles a GET request, with a request param ‘q’, (e.g. http://localhost:4567/?q=Adam) and returns a plain text response. For example, using Sinatra:

require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'

configure do
  set :port, 4567

get '/' do
  q = params[:q]
  "Hello #{q}"

We will be at the usual place, The Edinburgh Training Centre on Thursday 18th August, starting at 19:30 sharp. Please try and be a little early.

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